write kids short stories

Every individual in his/her childhood days has surely heard a lot of kids’ short stories. Most of them are imaginary excluding some of them that are based on real events. It is not at all so complicated to write kids short stories. All that you should have is a fine control over the words and a little imagination power to start off with a kids story. Other than that there are some other objects that should be taken care of such as the start of the story, and the ending etc. If you wish to write a story for children then here are some tips that will help you a lot to compose the best story.
An attractive and an interesting starting will surely capture the interest of the kids who reads and will keep them attached to the story till the end. But prior to writing the first part of your kids story, you have to decide on some aspects of the story. There are five major aspects that one should consider before writing the first paragraph of the story for kids. First of all the situation of the story, this is where the kids story takes place. Then time, normally most of the stories complete in one day or up to a week. It totally depends on your speed and imagination power. Because some people takes a month’s time to complete a story which is too long. Third is major conflict, this is the major difficulty that the characters will resolve. Fourth is characters, it is always suitable to have two to four characters to write uncomplicated story for children. And the last and the very important is the ending of the story, there should be something motivating and attractive.
Once you have decided on the necessary story aspect, the next thing is to decide on the most important element of the story i.e. the target audience. Generally in the case of short stories it is the children whom we mark.
After selecting the most important story aspect you can begin writing your kids story. If there are any discussions among the characters which are submitted to as dialogues then just bear in mind that every time a different character talks, then you have to start a new paragraph. To use better dialogues in conversation it is always recommended to place yourself in the shoes of the characters so that while creating kids story this will help you come up with sensible dialogues which the target audience can relate to. Also you can read the stories of other writers to get an idea of how to start writing short kids stories. Try reading some legends stories, which are available on the internet.
Even if you read kids stories of other writers it is actually essential to bring forth your personal technique of writing kids story. The kids story that you write must be dissimilar from the others, in other words the story should be special. This way you can attract more kids readers and at the same time make a good reputation as a well-liked writer in a short period of time.

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